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Students Thoughts on Learning Frameworks

Every year, thousands of students register for a Learning Framework class. Read what they thought of the pre-Core training and how they plan to apply it in the future.

"This class gave me the tools I need to be successful not only in college but in life." - Misty Licea

"This class made me realize that no matter what tragedy happens to you, life goes on. I've learned I must never give up, no matter what life throws at me. Everything happens for a reason." - Fatima Arrendondo

"This class taught me great ways to manage my time, make sure that I'm staying I'm staying motivated and keep myself on course. I will definitely take the lessons I've learned in class and apply them to my future classes, because they will certainly be helpful no matter what the class is." - Nicholas McCuen

"I am very glad this class is required as it teaches lots of helpful information." - Esmeralda Banales 

"This class can be extremely helpful if and when you take it seriously." -​ Rachel Weed

"I always thought of myself as a pretty good student so when I started this class I didn't think I would learn anything that I didn't already know. But this class proved me wrong. I learned how to improve my weak areas, that I am responsible for my own outcomes in school and in life. No one else can motivate me to do well but myself." - Bridgett Moffett

"This class has really taught me to think beyond what I normally think. I've learned to think more successfully and optimistically by really examining all aspects of a situation." - Tiffani Coleman

"This class has taught me that my way isn't the only way, or even the best way, to do things. It's opened my eyes and mind to want to do better and better in every aspect of my life." - Rachel Weed

"Honestly at first I wasn't happy about having to take a class that wasn't part of my degree plan and I thought was a waste of my time. I was dead wrong ... I plan on using everything I learned in this class in my future classes to better my life and achieve my desire goals and dreams." - Brianna Garcia

"[Learning Framework] taught me no matter how hard the situation is, there is a way through it." - Christopher Johnson

"My experience in this class taught me several things. First, never pre-judge a class. I will be honest and say that I was not at all happy that I had to spend my time and money on a class I did not need for my degree. When I started this class I looked at it as a way for DCCCD to make more money off me. I was wrong. Through this class I have learned more about myself. I now know what my strengths and weaknesses are and how they can keep me on course or lead me off course. I know that critical thinking is a process that I have to work at and develop. It doesn't just come to you. I know how to better manage my time, which has always been a huge problem for me. Most importantly I learned that motivation does not come from anyone or anywhere else. I have to find that motivation for myself and continue to feed that motivation to reach my goals." - Stephanie Hull