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Launch your culinary education online.

Enhance your skills and professionalize your career. Complete a certificate in 14 weeks online this summer.

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Our stackable certificates, which combine for an Associate of Applied Science degree, benefit both those new to the field and industry vets. We offer a powerful combination of classroom theory and workplace practice designed to teach you the skills you need and put you to work in the industry.

What to expect from our program:

  • Dynamic training from industry professionals
  • Accredited curriculum created by chefs for chefs
  • Exposure to universal culinary and hospitality systems
  • Refining of foundational culinary industry skills
  • Instruction in effective planning, organizing and communication skills
  • Practice in communication skills and discipline crucial for leadership
  • Introduction to technology and computer/office skills necessary for success in the modern kitchen

Position yourself in the community and industry to gain your dream position!

Culinary Arts Foundations Certificate

This certificate is the single common entry point for ALL students -- Bakery/Pastry and Culinary Arts students. Students will choose between taking a savory foods practicum or a bakery/pastry-focused practicum.


Registration begins on April 21, 2020, reserve your spots now!

Summer Class Schedule

Weeks 1-7 (May 18 through July 3)

Weeks 8-14 (July 6 through August 20)


Fall Class Schedule

First 7 Weeks (August 24 through October 9)

Second 7 Weeks (October 12 through December 4)


Students must be employed in a hands-on food prep or pastry position for 320 hours (averages 20 hours per week) during the semester through enrollment in a faculty supervised CHEF1264 or PSTR1364 Practicum during the 16-week semester. Qualifications for employment include working in a health department inspected kitchen or bakeshop with a registered food safety manager supervisor. *TSI is not required for these certificates but you must meet TSI to complete your AAS degree.

Upon completion of the Culinary Arts Foundations Certificate, students may progress to a Specialist Certificate. El Centro North will begin offering two Specialist Certificates Fall 2020: Culinary Arts Specialist and Bakery/Pastry Specialist.


Please click on a certificate below for more information:

Culinary Arts Foundations Certificate (First Semester)

CHEF 1305Sanitation and Safety3
CHEF 1301Basic Food Preparation3
RSTO 1313Hospitality Supervision3
CHEF 2331Advanced Food Preparation3
PSTR 1301Fundamentals of Baking3
PSTR 1364Practicum (or Field Experience)-Baking and Pastry Arts/ Baker/Pastry Chef OR3
CHEF 1264Practicum (or Field Experience)-Culinary Arts/Chef Training(2)

Culinary Arts Specialist Certificate (Second/Third Semester) (effective Fall 2020)

HAMG 2301Principles of Food and Beverage Operations3
RSTO 1304Dining Room Service3
RSTO 1325Purchasing for Hospitality Operations3
CHEF 1310Garde Manger3
Total Hours: 12
RSTO 2301Principles of Food and Beverage Controls3
CHEF 2302Saucier3
CHEF 1441American Regional Cuisine* OR4
CHEF 1445International Cuisine(4)
RSTO 1380Cooperative Education-Restaurant, Culinary, and Catering Management/Manager3
IFWA 1318Nutrition for the Food Service Professional3
Total Hours: 16

Bakery/Pastry Specialist Certificate (Second/Third Semester) (effective Fall 2020)

PSTR 1305Breads and Rolls3
PSTR 2331Advanced Pastry Shop3
PSTR 1206Cake Decorating I2
PSTR 1343Bakery Operations and Management3
PSTR 2364Practicum (or Field Experience)-Baking and Pastry Arts/Baker/Pastry Chef3
Total Hours: 14
PSTR 1442Quantity Bakeshop Production4
IFWA 1318Nutrition for the Food Service Professional3
PSTR 2330Advanced Pastry Competition3
RSTO 1380Cooperative Education-Restaurant, Culinary, and Catering Management/Manager3
Total Hours: 13

Upon completion of the Foundations and Specialist Certificate, students can obtain an Associates of Applied Science in Culinary Arts or Bakery/Pastry by completing 15 hours of core classes.

  • Students may be eligible to transfer previously completed credit hours.
  • Students can take core classes simultaneously with the cohorts online or at any DCCCD campus.
  • Core classes will also be offered at the North campus before or after the scheduled cohorts beginning Fall 2020.

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