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Job Search Assistance

This course covers job readiness preparation such as resume, cover letter and thank-you letter writing, as well as interviewing and networking techniques. All of these skills enhance the student’s ability to successfully seek gainful employment in their area of expertise.

Upon completion of this course, students will have successfully completed a "portfolio." This portfolio will contain a sample copy of the student’s job application, a resume, a cover letter, job interview information, employer contact information and more.
Rubric Number Course Name Clock Hours
POFT 1006 Job Search Assistance 30
When can I start? Flexible entry/exit. Call 214 860-5900 for details.
When do I attend classes? 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday

Tuition and Fees

Program Cost
Career Exploration $105.00
Total $105.00
Who pays for the training?
Financial assistance is available through a variety of sources.

For more information on the Job Search Assistance course please call 214 860-5900.

Program Spotlight

WELDING NEWS The Bill J. Priest (BJP) Workforce Training Department is very proud to announce that they have earned the prestigious designation of an Accredited Testing Facility (ATF) through the American Welding Society (AWS). This will allow BJP the ability to offer Welding certifications to students as well as meet the certification needs of business and industries that are served by the Institution.

Until now, San Antonio and McAllen have been the only other areas to offer this service, leaving North Texas industry traveling long distances to gain certifications.

Byron Zarrabi, the director of Welding, states, “This is an important and exciting accomplishment for the Welding program, Bill J. Priest, the Dallas County Community College District, and local industries. Bill J. Priest is also proud to announce that they have a Certified Welding Inspector (CWI), Pooya Koohbanani, on staff with plans for having all instructors obtain CWI certification.”

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For details about graduation rates, program costs and other important information, view the gainful employment disclosure.