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You know, the overall process was a very good team project.

You know, we were not sure what we were going to encounter, but overall the team was able, allowing us to one, focus on our strengths but also show us the weaknesses.

So at the end of the day, we could find ways to speed up the process.

And, from an overall perspective, we were doing work, the traditional jewelry process and then today we came out to what we call Lean manufacturing process.

So, working with North Lake College and their team, you know, allowed us to basically take a process time of about three weeks to cut it into days, to about three days on average.

So, we're able to focus on our client.

Able to be proactive versus reactive.

And it also allowed our team members to take pride in their own work.

It gave, it brought back accountability to where it needed to be at the individual level.

And also, now we work as a team.

So overall, it was a great process.