Mary Kay Video


Mary Kay and El Centro have been working together for about 12 years.

We work very closely with Bill J. Priest at the Economic Development Institute.

And they have been very flexible and very helpful and very accommodating to Mary Kay.

We asked them to plan a class and they design a class, they plan a class.

And our employees love it, because it's Mary Kay specific.

It's not just some generic off the shelf.

So the grant has helped us that way.

Because they come out and they look at our machines and they go, oh, ”We're going to train on that for you."

It just helps with moral and it just gets the employees to feel good about themselves when they know they're being developed.

And they know that Mary Kay cares.

And I think that is the real key to the grant.

And that's what makes the grant so good for Mary Kay, is a great partnership with El Centro and then a great partnership with our employees.

Right now we are on I think our fourth grant.

And we are looking to expand the skills of our packaging floor.

And whether it be Lean, Excel -- we're really excited this year because our focus is really on the packaging employees, our assemblers, material handlers, our mechanics.

And we're opening up a bunch of training to them that we've never done before.

And so that is really, they are really excited about that.

They're like, "We are so appreciative, this is going to be so good for us."

And so that is really what the partnership is about. It's about developing our employees so we can move to the next level of manufacturing.

Free for all the employees.

And we always do it on their shift.

So all the instructors we've had through the grant have always done night shift, early morning shifts.

And so that's what's so great about it.

Because we don't have to do overtime.

And we don't have to ask people to arrange their lives.

They can come in and get developed and be relaxed and, and just enjoy what they're learning.

And they, and we always say, you know what, this will help you in your personal life, professional.

And we're going to offer this to you.