General Motors Video


I've been involved with the program, been on the advisory board for, for many years.

But I've been involved with Brookhaven and the ASET program for about 23, 24 years.

Directly recruiting technicians out of that program all along.

I spent the first 15 years of my career with Sewell, and, been here seven years, and Huffhines in between there.

But, General Motors, it's a great program.

Like I said, for the training, you can't beat it.

It's been very rewarding.

We've pulled very -- quite a few very good,very talented technicians out of it.

In fact, I think my longest tenured tech here has been here about 18, 20 years out of the ASAT program.

Something like that.

Well, first you find a viable candidate.

You know, usually a young person right out of high school.

Usually automotive program.

You get them into ASEP program, and, you work a kind of a co-op program with them, where they work part of the time in the dealership, part of the time in school.

They are doing GM-specific training, which is very beneficial to us, because we spend a lot of money, sending our technicians to training.

When they come out, they're, they're flagging, producing technicians.

The proprietary schools, they'll put more technicians or more trainees out, on a quicker basis, but, they don't have the GM specific training.

You typically can't hire one of them right out of school and put them on the line and have them repairing cars as a stand-alone technician.

And we'll spend a lot of dollars and time, getting them the GM training that they'll need.

Over and above their proprietary school training.