Dallas County Manufacturers’ Association Video


And in regards to the impact that the Dallas County Manufacturing Association partnership with Richland College and the manufacturing community in Garland, it's been an outstanding success story for all businesses that would have been able to participate in a partnership.

At MICROPACK, we've been privileged to participate in several grants that have been developed and provided that have taken our people to the next level of excellence that we look for in terms of education.

It's one of the most important things that we have to do in this culture of, or in today's society, is to really develop our people.

So our core values consist of a people first organization.

We believe in creating a learning organization.

And to create a learning organization, you have to be committed to training and developing people.

And it's all about working together and being successful as you do that.

Some of the products we provide, lives depend on the products we, we provide.

And so, it's very important to get that education provided to our employees.

In order to create a learning organization, we require all of our employees to have a minimum of 24 hours of formal training in education over a year period.

So the creating a learning organization means that you are educating your employees to grow to the next level of excellence.

In manufacturing, our skillsets are advancing faster than we can keep up with.

By developing our people and training them, we provide the capabilities to provide the products that we need to provide in order to save the lives that we save by providing mission critical applications.

If you kind of go back to the beginning, which is, I bet what, ten years ago now, we initiated The Dallas County Manufacturing Association, which was a gathering of the manufacturers in the Garland area through the Chamber of Commerce.

And in creating The Dallas County Manufacturing Association, one of the key themes was, how do we develop manufacturing across common grounds, across the various manufacturing companies?

And a big part of that is workforce development.

Workforce development is our number one issue.

It's the number one issue for our company.

It's the number one issue for any manufacturing company in, in the Garland area.

So, we created a partnership with The Dallas County Manufacturing Association and Richland College.

And Richland College has been the facilitator of organizing a partnership in which the manufacturers can receive training and education in order to develop our employees.

This is crucial to our success.

And it's been very successful so far.

And I know it's going to continue to be successful.

So, with The Dallas County Manufacturing Association, we've expanded to include areas of focus.

One is in the area of human resources.

And this is where a lot of the personnel managers across the manufacturing companies get together and share best lessons learned and best practices.

The other area that we've done is in the area of safety.

And safety is one of the critical elements of any manufacturing company, particularly as it protects the people and the processes you have to follow, and must follow, in order to provide a safe environment.

And the lessons learned and best practices that are shared within that that committee has been very, very successful.