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One of the things that the partnership with the Bill Priest Institute has done is really create a culture of process improvement and learning.

So we've gone in, particularly when we've had a time of so much growth.

It's really important for us to kind of refine and just improve on how we're doing from a quality perspective and from a production perspective.

And so, you know, the partnership has been one that has really helped us grow.

And not only that, it's helped foster that spirit of continuous learning.

And so when we involve our workforce in a lot of decisions and in a lot of the changes that we make, you know, it's really, it's really a great partnership and a win.

And with the grant, one of the projects we worked on was with TMAC, Texas Manufacturers Association.

And they were instrumental in kind of helping us guide a change in, in our flow of how the product sort of got built from beginning.

That process was generally reversed, without going into too much detail, but it was reversed, and which allowed us to save significant amount of space.

That, that was used for just what we call work in progress.

And so, just taking a step back and looking at how we build our process or how we build our furniture and what makes more sense, it saved us that that staging area.

Where, as you saw it empty right now, that's future space for another production line that was currently just being used as inventory or warehouse space.

It's been a big help for us.

Oh, I mean I just think that I mean, for my, for very selfish reasons, the partnership has been tremendous.

Just by creating that, that culture of learning and that process improvement and constantly just refining and seeing, how can we get better?

What can we do differently?

And, and so it's been really instrumental and we appreciate that partnership and you know, we look forward for more better things to happen in the years to come.