Breakout Session 2

11 - 11:50 a.m.

Hidden Value in Healthier Buildings

Jacob R. Steiner

The intersection of cognitive function research, Health and Wellness standards and new legionella standards from ASHRAE; breathing new life into our understanding of how humans interact with their indoor environments.  During this session, attendees will gain an understanding on integrating the big picture of game-changing studies that are revealing the power of indoor environmental quality and the impact on human performance. IAQ has massive potential to improve occupant productivity. Mr. Steiner will share results of the most recent study (published by the Harvard School of Public Health), as well as anecdotes from his companies’ 35+ years of indoor environmental experience.

Sustainability at Home/Urban Farming

Kathryn Hardage

Learn to live sustainably by preserving good quality food through canning — fruit, vegetables, meats, soups, stews, salsas. Begin growing your first food in a container garden at home, or in your backyard. Learn to landscape with perennials and intersperse vegetables to save water and lower your carbon footprint. Begin to make your own dairy products — yogurt and farmer's cheese. Become a member of, or start a buyer's club, for better prices on sustainably raised meat. Learn to cook in a solar oven. Set up rainwater catchment. Learn about small scale solar and wind power. Take every workshop in your area offered by Master Gardeners and Master Naturalists, and become a Certified Master Gardener/Naturalist. Turn your yard into a Certified Texas Wildscape. Make friends with your neighbors through monthly potluck gatherings. Create a cottage-scale business doing something you really love. Teach everything you can.  Share everything you learn.

Kathryn and her husband lived off-grid in a tiny house for three years pursuing their dream to live in the country. They are continuing their small town adventure with an in-town studio and woodshop, where Kathryn is beginning a food forest, while they research putting in power and water on their country land. 
Sustainability at Home

Creating Competitive Communities: A Hedge Against Gentrification - cancelled 10-10-17

Mike Green, ScaleUp Partners

Environmental Justice

Not Business as Usual: Fostering Civic Engagement on Climate Change

Brett Cease, Citizens Climate Lobby

Attendees will engage in a discussion of what it means to them to civically engage through building consensus, seeking common ground and moving towards climate solutions in a nonpartisan way. Attendees will learn about resources available to students, faculty and staff for modeling civic engagement and ways they can engage their campuses back home.

Brett began his career in northern Minnesota as a wilderness program director and lead instructor for several outdoor education nonprofits including Outward Bound. Connecting civic engagement with democratic participation and issues-based advocacy, Brett has taught undergraduate policy courses, high school social studies and campus sustainability with dual master’s degrees in Education and Legislative Studies.

Environmental Justice