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Screen Reader Example


Screen Reader Example. 

This is an example of the JAWS screen reader. 

A screen reader is an assistive technology that takes text, like the document you see on your screen, and reads it aloud dash dash as you can hear in this example.

Learn More.

Visit link HTTPS colon slash slash webaim.org slash techniques slash screenreader slash number how to learn more about how screen readers read content. 

Things to Consider. Was that long link a little annoying to listen to?


That's why, instead of the full URL, it's better to use a descriptive link like this one colon link Learn more about screen readers. 

You may also have noticed that the screen reader read the words on the screen, but

didn't announce visual formatting choices like color, bold, and highlighting.

Keep this in mind when creating documents and avoid using visual formatting as the only way of conveying meaning. 

Graphic JAWS screen reader logo 3.05 inches wide by 2 inches high.