Required Course

​First-Year Experience courses are specifically designed to meet the needs of El Centro's first-semester freshmen. The courses provide a theoretical and practical foundation for helping students develop, both academically and socially. Some of the major topics include self-awareness, educational and career planning, critical thinking, self-awareness, personal responsibility, self-regulated learning, and decision-making.

El Centro College offers two first-year experience courses. Students must select one of the following courses as a part of their first semester course load:

EDUC 1300 Learning Framework

EDUC 1300 Learning Framework is a course requirement for the Associate in Arts (AA) and Associate in Science (AS) Degrees. Students who select the AA or AS program of study will be required to take EDUC 1300. This policy applies to all seven colleges of the Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD). Students pursuing Field of Study, and Associate of Arts in Teaching (AAT) degrees are exempt.

For more information, contact Mwauna Maxwell, Faculty & Coordinator 214-860-2733.

HDEV 0092 Student Success

HDEV 0092 Student Success is a requirement for the Associate of Applied Science (AAS) certificates and degrees. Students who select the AAS program of study will be required to take HDEV 0092.

For more information, contact Joselyn Gonzalez, Faculty & Coordinator 214-860-2285.


  • Summer Transient Students: The exception applies only to students taking core classes during the summer to transfer to their intended university. Documentation must be provided to show acceptance or admittance to the intended college/university.
  • Special populations:
    • Year Up Program
    • Students pursuing non-credit Continuing Education courses
    • Concurrent high school students (except Lassiter & Collegiate programs)
    • Students pursing Certificate 1 programs
    • Students who have had an FYE course (3 credits) at another institution