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Cashier Services FAQ
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  1. What forms of payment are accepted for tuition, Accuplacer tests, etc.?
  2. When paying with a check, what information is needed?
  3. What credit cards do you accept?
  4. How soon after I register for my classes must I pay for them?
  5. Do tuition payments have to be made in person?
  6. How long does it take to get a refund?
  7. How will my refund come?
  8. Can you accept my financial aid check as payment for my tuition?
  9. If I write a bad check, may I write another check to cover it?
  10. Are partial payments an option?
  11. Can I sign up for the payment plan over the phone or send someone in to sign up for me?
  12. May I make a Payment plan payment online?
  13. What kinds of classes are covered by the payment plan?
  14. Does anything happen if I add or drop a class while on the payment plan?
  15. I missed one of my installments for my payment plan, will my classes drop? Is there a late fee?
  16. I put a stop payment on a check; does this mean I am automatically withdrawn from my classes?
  17. How much does it cost to attend El Centro College?
  18. How will I know if I am going to be charged the additional tuition for my third attempt at a course?
  19. May I use the installment payment plan to pay the additional tuition for a third attempt at a course?
  20. I have a tuition waiver, who do I contact/how do I pay for classes with a tuition waiver?
  21. If I am receiving student loans but not financial aid, do I need to pay for my classes?
  22. If I have Financial Aid, do I need to pay for anything?
  23. If I registered for courses at another college of DCCCD other than El Centro, can I still pay my tuition and/or set-up a payment plan at El Centro?
  24. Does my tuition cover the cost of books and materials I need?
  25. I owe financial aid, how do I pay them back?
  26. Am I eligible for a free dart pass?
  27. I'm taking 6 college hours, but they are online classes offered by El Centro College (ECC). Do I still qualify though my classes on not on-campus?
  28. Does my DART pass expire?
  29. Where and when do I get my DART pass?
  30. I lost my ECC Student ID and it has my DART pass on. Can I get another DART pass?
  31. Is El Centro College the only college that offers a free DART pass to students?
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