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Our Team

Achieving the Dream Committee

Name Title Committee Role
Jacquie Bradley Faculty Coordinator, Developmental Writing and English
Karla Damron Director, Faculty Training and Development
Elizabeth Flash Director,  First Year Experience
Sondra Flemming Vice President, Academic Affairs
Monty Francis Director, Testing Services Data Team
Troy Furlough Faculty, Mathematics Co-chair/Data Team
Jeff Gregory Coordinator ESOL
Phyllis Hamilton Instructional Specialist
Nicole Hernandez Coordinator, STEM Grant
Teresa Isbell Dean, Planning and Research Core Team/Data Team
Maggie Johnson Director, Learning Center
Olivia Kerr Faculty, BOSS
Pam Lucas Director,  Financial Aid
Joe Martinez Faculty Counselor
Mwauna Maxwell Coordinator, Learning Framework
Sandra Mitchell Project Leader
William Smith Associate Dean, Comm/Math
Priscilla Staley Director, Marketing and Communications
Beth Stall Faculty, Biology
Karen Stills Coordinator, Student Services - Title V Core Team
Lisa Theriot Executive Dean, Comm/Math Co-chair
Ramona Williams Lab Manager
Jessie Yearwood Faculty, Culinary Arts

Our AtD Coaches: Dr. Calvin Woodland and Dr. Mark Figueroa