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Outreach & Recruitment Plan


El Centro College’s student population mirrors the composition of diversity in the Dallas, Tarrant and Collin counties. The aim of this plan is to employ a holistic approach to outreach and recruitment that champions student access as well as retention. This is represented in this outreach and recruitment plan as well as other college wide initiatives, such as the College’s goal to “Change Lives through Higher Education.” We aim to advance student success through a focus on the achievement of learning outcomes for all students with the active involvement of all employees. As well, this recruitment plan supports the College’s strategic initiatives.

ECC’s outreach and recruitment team ensures that all potential students have access to information. Information is provided through recruitment activities, publications, media (radio and television) announcements, and outreach workshops. Interactive communication through social media, attractive usage of our website and the user friendliness of our web pages will serve as a major connection to targeted groups. Several efforts are made to contact underrepresented and underprepared groups. This set of unique recruitment plans have been established in tandem with overall Student Services and Enrollment Management division goals. These plans are designed to meet the needs of student populations of all ECC campuses.

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Recruitment and Outreach Operational Plan