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Information Technology Strategic Plan


The Information Technology Department (more commonly known as College Computing on the campus of El Centro) has undergone some substantial changes over the last 5 years and is today much more responsive and streamlined than it was in previous years. Over the last five years, IT has worked toward improvement in the area of basic fundamental IT practices and worked toward improving its customer service to clients. We have brought about much organization to the department which was sorely lacking and have greatly improved our general accountability and responsiveness.

We have had several re-organizations, a drastic reduction in the number of employees, a dissolution of the previous AV department, an absorption of duties therein. All the while, we have been able to improve services, reduce our need for space at the campus, consolidate our resources required, and remove redundant work from our area by installing needed technology into classrooms, offices, and conference rooms.

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Information Technology Strategic Plan 2014-2019