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Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan for El Centro College, provides the framework and charge to guide our work as an institution. This work is guided by the college's vision, mission, core values, and priorities:


El Centro College aspires to be the college of choice for students, employers, the community, and a leader in higher education.


Changing lives through higher education, El Centro College provides opportunities responsive to the academic, workforce, and personal needs of our diverse community.

Core Values


We encourage our students, employees, and community to achieve their potential.


We will ensure honesty and fairness in all that we do


Embrace flexible ways of learning through personalization

Deliver programs that answer the economic needs of the community Be willing to take informed risks to advance learning

Thoughtfully design programs and services that are sustainable and scalable


Provide an environment that encourages the diversity of individual and world views while embracing collaboration

Meet the needs of the community through the elimination of barriers and the broadening of access


Lead by example, assist students to translate their learning into responsible citizenship


Priority I.  Student Success – the success of our students is always the primary focus of El Centro College.


Priority II.  Employee Development – commitment to hiring, retaining, and developing successful employees is a key to positive impacts we have on our students and communities.


Priority III.  Community Impact – we add value to lives and build communities by continually strengthening and expanding our connections with civic, community, and educational organizations.


Priority IV. Workforce Development – we positively and significantly impact economic and workforce development initiatives key to the prosperity of Dallas County (with an emphasis on the Southern Sector), North Texas, the state, and the nation.


Priority V. Institutional Effectiveness – we meet our strategic goals based on continual evaluation and improvement of programs and services in relation to student and community needs.


Priority VI. Leader College – we serve as an example to our students, our colleagues, and our community.