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Phases of Development

The SEM Committee worked in phases in the planning process. 

Phase I: Plan to Plan

Our commitment to planning is established and the actual planning process is developed. 

In this phase of the Planning Process, Dr. Chemene Crawford, Vice President of Student Services and Enrollment Management, gave the charge to the committee. 

Phase II: The Institutional Framework

This phase brings into focus important organizational parameters. This is where formal and informal expectations placed on the
institution, core organizational values and beliefs, and the institutional mission are brought into focus. 

Phase III: SWOT Analysis

This phase identifies and determines the institution’s internal and external strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. In short, this is a
coupling of internal self‐assessment with environmental scanning to gain a clearer picture of the institution and the impact of the external environment in order to identify threats and opportunities.

Phase IV: Vision

This phase brings Phases II and III together by providing the insight necessary to develop an organizational vision of what it will become in the future. This phase establishes the institution’s course for the future.

It is critical for successful planning to have focus and direction.  The vision statement is the roadmap to the future.  While a mission tells an institution what it is, a vision tells it what it could and should become.

The El Centro College vision is “Changing Lives through Higher Education.” 

The SEM Committee established a vision statement: “El Centro College seeks to develop and communicate an innovative, comprehensive and transformational college-wide enrollment management approach that responds to academic, career and personal needs of our community through student-focused programs and services.”

Phase V: Goals

These are the broad initiatives that need to be pursued to achieve the vision.

Suggested EMC Goals:
  • Maintain optimal level of enrollment
  • Expand the usage of technology within our marketing strategies
  • Campaign to address our weaknesses
  • Discover innovative ways to inspire enrollment
  • Degree Plan packaging
  • Make data informed and driven decisions
  • Promote student success

Phase VI: Operationalizing

This phase sets into motion the processes necessary to achieve the strategic goals and realize the institutional vision.