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  • Summary
  • The Automated Student and Adult Learner Follow-Up System (ASALFS) tracks students (graduates, completers and non-returners) from an academic year for employment and/or additional education for Texas public community, state and technical colleges.

    The summary report provides overall information by program (academic and technical) for students who are employed and/or pursuing additional education. The summary report does not include results from the CB116 supplemental report.

    Transfer reports provide the list of institutions attended for academic and technical students pursuing additional education. The exit cohort reports provide employment and wages data for graduates, completers and non-returners as well as information on enrollment and employment outcomes by gender, race/ethnicity and major.

    For those interested in benchmarking against the DCCCD and state level reports please use the following links:

    System Results for 2-Year Institutions
    ASALFS Students Pursuing Additional Education
    Exit Cohort Reports

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