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Student Achievement is at the core of the College's Strategic Plan and the College evaluates student achievement in ways consistent with its mission and purpose.

In the 2015-18 Strategic Plan, the College established its key performance metrics, benchmarks, annual goals and 3-year goals in line with the College's Achieving the Dream Plan while, at the same time, ensuring these metrics satisfy District, state, and federal student achievement measures.

Benchmarks, Goals, and Attainment

Chart 1 below outlines the College's key performance indicators (KPI), benchmark data, goals and achievement results. The 2015-18 Achieving the Dream Plan Key Performance Indicators provides additional disaggregated measurements by gender, ethnicity, race, and student status (full-time, part-time, and FTIC).

Chart 1. El Centro College's Achieving the Dream and Strategic Plan Goals
Key Performance MetricBaseline/ Benchmark3 Year GoalTarget Achievement*Met Goal?
Fall to Fall Persistence
(based on a 5-year average from 2010-11 to 2014-15)
5.0% Increase 39.1% 33.6% N
Fall to Spring Persistence 53.0%(based on 5-year average from 2010-11 to 2014-15) 5.0% Increase 63.0% 48.0% N
Student Success
(A, B, and C grades)
70.3%(based on 2014-15 success rate) 3.0% Increase 73.3% 71.5% N
Gateway Courses
(BIOL 1406, ENGL 1301, & MATH 1314)
53.0%(based 2014-15 success rate) 5.0% Increase 59.0% 61.6% Y
Developmental Education
51.8%(based 2014-15 success rate) 5.0% Increase 56.8% 60.4% Y
Overall Credential Attainment
(credit-bearing certificates & degrees)
1260 credentials(Based on average 5-year # of credentials 2010-11 to 2014-15) 5.0% Increase 1323 1552 Y

  *As of August 2018.

Tracking our Success

The College also commits to provide relevant updates to its internal and external constituents about student achievement progress. In 2015, the College adopted Scorecards, across the major themes of Student Engagement, Pathways, and Process Improvements. These Scorecards track our progress on initiatives and efforts that contribute to our student achievement outcomes.

The College also publishes an annual report that evaluates successes and challenges toward meeting our student achievement goals.

ECC 2015-2016 Annual Reflection

Additional Measures of Student Achievement

In addition to its student achievement goals, the following information is designed to provide prospective students, parents, and the public with accountability data in the areas of enrollment, course completers, degrees and certificates awarded, transfer success, pass rates on industry licensing exams, and gainful employment.