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Financial Aid: Work Study Listings

The following is a list of available current Work Study positions at El Centro:

Division Name Openings More Details
Accounting Department Lab 1 Download PDF
Fashion Marketing (BUPS) 2 Download PDF
HLS/DIV - Computer Lab and Testing Center (Paramount P112/P119) 3 Download PDF
Financial Aid 3 Download PDF
Fashion Design 1 Download PDF
Outreach & Recruitment 10 Download PDF
Business, Public Service & Information Technology 2 Download PDF
Adult Resource Center 2 Download PDF
Career Center 1 Download PDF
Planning, Assessment and Research Office 2 Download PDF
Food & Hospitality Services 2 Download PDF
Business Office 1 Download PDF
Multicultural Center 1 Download PDF
Arts & Sciences 2 Download PDF
Retention Services 1 Download PDF
Training 2 Download PDF

For questions regarding any job posting, please contact Pam Lucas at