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Human Resources: Contact Us

Name Title EXT Email
Robert Garcia Executive Director of Human Resources 2051
Claudia Carosilva-Palacios Assistant Director 2261
Sandra Rios HR Specialist - Payroll 2035
Syneth Hassell HR Specialist- P/T Hires 2615
Christol Johnson HR Specialist Employment 2052
Angie Trujillo Administrative Assistant 2064
Didiana Alvarez HR Clerk 2064

Robert Garcia
Executive Director, Human Resources:
Oversees entire HR department staff and operations
(214) 860-2051

Works with the Executive Management Team and provides strategic human resources management and planning, interpretation of HR Policies, and provides HR guidance to college administration and staff. Works with employee relations, grievances, performance issues, disciplinary actions, and coordination with District Human Resources. Assist with recruiting, application reviews, job offers, compensation packages, and the board approval employment process.

Claudia Carosilva-Palacios
Assistant Human Resources Director
Benefits Coordinator; assists director in absence
(214) 860-2261

Assists the Director in providing oversight, coordination, and maintenance of all college functions. Meets with full-time staff to review and process their new hire paperwork. Presents and discusses health benefits. Educates campus staff about their employee rights and responsibilities in accordance with DCCCD policy.

Sandra Rios
Human Resources Specialist IV
Payroll Manager; handles all payroll input and processing each month
(214) 860-2035

Provides interpretation of payroll policies, procedures, rules, and federal and state statues pertaining to payroll. Inputs payroll setup for new full-time employees. Processes time sheets for full-time & part-time staff. Receives and processes extra service contracts (credit and non-credit) and time sheet contracts. Processes payroll maintenance forms.

Syneth Hassell
Human Resources Specialist III
Part-time Personnel specialist; hires/rehires/terminations of all part-time employees of ECC
(214) 860-2615

Meets with all part-time hires & adjunct faculty to process their new hire paperwork. Processes rehire documents. Provides assistance to payroll, benefits, and employment processing as needed. Assigned as the HR representative to the Bill J. Priest campus of El Centro. Coordinates the Document Imaging Process and is responsible for employee records and files. Assist with records retention and storage. Educates adjunct faculty about E-Connect and resolves related issues.

Christol Johnson
Human Resources Specialist III
Employment Specialist; handles all and any vacancies within ECC
(214) 860-2052

Monitors the online Applicant Tracking System and the electronic employment process. Works with location hiring authorities & applicants to ensure consistent and equitable job postings. Responsible for assisting with coordination of the employment process reviews applications & supplemental documents, meets with search teams, and assist with the complete hiring process.

Angie Trujillo
Administrative Assistant
Front line HR contact specialist; administrative assistant to Executive Director, HR
(214) 860-2064

Primary office contact person and provides administrative assistance to the HR Director. Responsible for inner-office paper flow. Oversees the Criminal Background Check Process. Responsible for transcript files and assists with employee records and files. Assists with the Applicant Tracking System.

Didiana Alvarez
Human Resources Clerk
(214) 860-2064

Assist with receptionist duties answers phone and greets visitors. Provides general administrative assistance to staff members.

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