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Do I have to pay for parking at West Campus?
Does West Campus have free Wi-Fi?
I'm currently an ECC student. Do you have a computer lab I could use to complete my assignments?
Do you have computers that are available to the public?
Does West Campus have a bookstore?
Do you offer tutoring services at West Campus? If so, what subjects can they help me?
Do you have campus security at West Campus?
I checked-out books from the Downtown Campus. Can I check-in those books at West Campus and vice-versa?
I love to make friends! Do you offer student clubs/organizations at West?
What if I'm disabled or have a learning disability?
Are there DART routes near West?
I'm running late to my class, can I call the Front Desk so they can tell my instructor I will be arriving late?
I graduate from high school this spring and plan to take classes in the summer. Can I still enroll at West Campus and see an advisor even though I've not graduated from high school?
I love to make friends! Do you offer student clubs/organizations at West Campus?
What is the Texas Success Initiative, TSI?
Do I need to re-test after I finish taking developmental reading, writing or math?
DART Passes

Do I qualify to receive a DART pass if I'm taking 6 college hours at West?
I'm taking 6 college hours, but they are online classes offered by El Centro College (ECC). Do I still qualify though my classes on not on-campus?
Is there anything else I need to know about qualifying for a DART pass?
Does my DART pass expire?
Where and when do I get my DART pass?
I lost my ECC Student ID and it has my DART pass on. Can I get another DART pass?
Is El Centro College the only campus that offers a DART pass to their students?
Are there deans at West Campus if I need to speak to one?
Student ID

Why do I need an El Centro student ID?
Do I have to pay to get my student ID?
I lost my student ID. What do I need to do to get another?
Can I bring my child with me to class?
I registered at West Campus in courses being offered at Downtown, can I pay my tuition and/or set-up a payment plan at the Cashier's Office at West Campus too?
Is the tuition the same at West Campus as to Downtown? And does my tuition cover the cost of books and materials I need? 
Can you mail me a schedule?  

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