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WebDesk Ticket System

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About Web Desk

Prior to June 2012, web update requests at El Centro were primarily made via email, or interoffice mail. This old fashioned method of submitting web changes had many disadvantages, primarily relating to tracking and prioritizing requests. WebDesk is an online web request ticket system that was custom built to solve these issues.

Benefits of using Web Desk over email:
  • Better tracking than email, through use of online ticket system
  • Employees will be verified before they can create tickets in their department. This verification is only needed once, after they create a WebDesk account.
  • Tickets have assigned status:
    • New: initial state in which ticket goes into the queue
    • Open: assigned to a web developer; work has begun
    • Pending: work has been postponed per user request
    • Closed: work has been completed
  • Email will still be used, but only for notification purposes. For example, when a developer opens a ticket, a brief email is automatically sent to the user informing them that work has begun. Another notification email is sent when the ticket is closed, or whenever the developer leaves a comment on the ticket.
  • All communication such as questions or clarifications is now done within the ticket itself. We will no longer accept web requests via standard email.