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Employee NamePosition TitlePhone
Barnes, Charles Instructional Specialist214-860-5771
Carter, Steve Coordinator CE/Workforce214-860-5940
Farley, Frances Dept. Assitant214-860-5746
Koohbanani, Pooya Industrial Technology Instructor214-860-5763
Middleton, Arlethia Instructional Specialist214-860-5704
Murray, Thomas Instructioal Specialist214-860-5771
Preston, Ronald Program Services Coordinator214-860-5742
Shelby, Les  ADMDean of Instruction/Division Chair, Training - BJP214-860-5715
Washington, Joan Admin. Assistant214-860-5728
Wood, Chris Welding Instructor214-860-5781
Zarrabi, Byron  ADMProgram Director - Welding214-860-5880
ADM = College Administrator

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Phone Numbers

214-860-5702 (Fax)