Tests Offered


An "Open Center Program" service to non-El Centro students.

El Centro College can establish agreements with other colleges across the United States, which allows students to take Correspondence Course Exams at the Testing Center.

There is a $25 fee for each corrrespondence test.


Another Alternative for Placement - Offered by ACT

El Centro students take ESL exams for placement into ESOL course sequences.

At El Centro College, ESOL courses are available as a result of the ESL Assessment. These are for students whose primary language is NOT English and students who were raised with English, but have difficulty with the language.

The El Centro College Testing Center administers the ESL component of the Compass.
 This test is primarily given to Continuing Education students.


Approved Subject Exams of the College Level Examination Program Credit by Exam

CLEP Exams are given on computer only. Examinees must have a CLEP Exam Form completed. Forms are available at the ECC Testing Center. Exams are administered by appointment only.

The El Centro Assessment Center is a "closed center": only El Centro students will be allowed to schedule appointments.

Who can take the CLEP Assessments?

    Companion & TSI Special Format

    The COMPANION & TSI Special Format System is an educational advising, course placement, and retention tool developed by the College Board specifically to serve students entering community and technical colleges.
    At El Centro's Assessment Center:
    • COMPANION & TSI Special Format testing is not to take precedence over the TSI Assessment.
    • Primarily for special needs students (must be referred by Disability Services).

    TSI Assessment

    Retesting Information

    The state of Texas has mandated that every non-exempt student entering a public college or university must complete the TSI ASSESSMENT. A Pre-Assessment Activity, prior to taking the TSI Assessment, is required. Students must complete the TSI Pre-Assessment Activity and then take the TSI ASSESSMENT test before starting college.


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