Dual Credit

Dual Credit Courses & Cost


Dual Credit courses are offered in a variety of subject areas including math, science, English, economics, history, government and a wide variety of technical courses. Classes meet on ECC campus or the high school campus, and are taught by college faculty or qualified high school instructors.

Online Application & Requirements

Review the eligibility requirements for the programs with your school counselor. Your counselor will let you know which courses are designated as dual credit through your school.

New DCCCD students must apply here
  • Federal legislation related to the American Opportunity Tax Credit requires all colleges to report student social security numbers (All students should add their social security numbers to the application).

TSI Practice Test and Pre Assessment Activity

Pre- Assessment Activity

Students who do not have qualifying scores on their Accepted test, must take the TSI Assesment Test.

First time TSI testing. A student must complete a TSI Pre Assessment Activity before they are allowed to take the TSI assessment. This activity provides students with valuable information concerning the assessment process and components, sample test questions, developmental education options, and other resources.

Who May Participate

Who may participate in these programs?

To participate in the dual credit program, a high school student must:
  • Be enrolled in the 11th or 12th grade of a participating high school, private, charter or home school.
  • Obtain approval forms from a high school counselor or designated official
  • Fill out the approval admission criteria for the college
  • Met minimum test scores
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