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Job Skills and Conditions

Professional chefs have a love for food and are passionate about its preparation. You need to be artistic, creative, detail-oriented, flexible and organized. Good math skills, hand-eye coordination and a keen sense of smell and taste are imperative. Successful chefs have a good sense of teamwork and understand the importance of professionalism.

About Us

If you are passionate about food and want to work in this exciting industry, our hands-on, cutting-edge associate degree programs are designed to provide you with excellent skills to compete in the food & hospitality industry, as well as solid business management and communication skills.  Whether you’re starting a new career, looking to advance your current career or making a change, training at the Food & Hospitality Institute prepares you for the rigors of this demanding industry and its incredible opportunities.


Many of the scholarships offered by the Food and Hospitality Institute are industry scholarships. Organizations such as the Texas Restaurant Association and the Dallas Hotel/Motel Association offer deserving students additional funds that may be used for books and tuition. Information and applications may be found online.

Recurring Food & Hospitality Scholarships

For the most up-to-date scholarship information see the following web-sites.

American Hotel & Lodging


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