Cashier Services

The Business Office of El Centro College seeks to provide quality and efficient customer service in the processing of all financial transactions for our students, faculty, staff and the college community.

Address: Attn: Cashier’s Office
El Centro College
801 Main Street, A-244
Dallas, TX 75202
Phone Number & Email: 214-860-2044 or 214-860-2048


Frequently Asked Questions About Transcript Evaluations

Are you new to El Centro College, or are you transferring from another college or university to El Centro? Get answers to frequently asked questions about our transcript evaluation process.

How to Request Your College Transcript

You can request a free copy of your transcript in one of three ways:

Degree Audit / Graduation

Graduation Requirements

In addition to other graduation requirements, you must complete within five (5) years the course requirements for your degree or certificate as outlined in the catalog in effect at the time of your entrance to the college. You may have the option to select a more recent catalog year, provided the requisite courses are still offered and the degree/certificate requirements are met within five (5) years of the catalog year selected.

Financial Aid

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