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  • The purpose of the Education committee is to brainstorm ideas related to injecting sustainability into El Centro’s Curriculum at every level. This includes ways of encouraging and empowering students to make sustainable decisions in their everyday life. Additionally this may include the development of promotional materials and handouts for students, faculty and staff. This may include developing educational material for local school districts as well. The Educational committee will be responsible for identifying short term goals as they relate to curriculum and influencing general sustainable behavior.

    Committee Members:
    • Daphne Allen-Hughes (chair)
    • Mark Thames
    • Janet Ward
    • Maggie Lopez
    • Linda Jimenez-Savage
    • Shanee Holmes-Moore


  • The purpose of the Environment committee is to brainstorm ideas and programs that can be started at El Centro. They are to be focused on protecting and preserving the environment. This may include creating programs that promote environmentally sustainable habits, such as recycling. It could also explore ideas that change the impact the El Centro community has on the environment. A priority will be to establish long term and short term goals that create sustainable practices.

    Committee Members:
    • Byron Zarrabi (chair)
    • Robin Graham
    • John Alton
    • Linda Jimenez-Savage
    • Adrienne Thompson
    • Marissa Oppel


  • This Committee’s main focus is on the economical aspect of sustainability. The purpose of the Economic Committee is to uncover the economic savings that are gained when the college makes sustainable decisions. This may include educating students and faculty on the economic benefits of sustainable behavior. It can be both on an organizational or a personal level. This committee will examine these consequences and develop ideas to save El Centro money bases on sustainable behavior. The committee may also be asked to advise other committees when their expertise is requested. The committee will be responsible for identifying short term goals as they relate to positive economic gains and influencing general sustainable behavior based on understanding the impact sustainable choices have on the bottom line.

    Committee Members:
    • Joe Curtis (chair)
    • Susan Pierce
    • Pyeper Wilkins
    • Katrina Wade-Miller - BJP
    • Norm Howden
    • Casandra Bowell


  • The purpose of the Engagement committee is to focus on ideas of how El Centro can reach out to the community as a whole. This would include the formation of long and short term goals that pertain to community outreach, behavior and training. This would also allow El Centro to be seen as a model for other organizations. This might examine the question of, how can El Centro benefit the whole community by enacting sustainable solutions to their current responsibilities?

    Committee Members:
    • Jeanette Boylan (chair)
    • Adrienne Thompson
    • Pooya M. Koohbanani
    • Byron Zarrabi
    • Mary Benson
    • Linda Jimenez-Savage

El Centro Recycling Coordinators

  • A Building - Christian Walker
  • B Building - Bill Hodges
  • C Building - Michael Anthony
  • R Building - John Altom
  • West Campus -Laure Cameron
  • Bill J. Priest Campus - Barbara Murray & Randy Logan

In The News

El Centro looking to create wind farm in downtown Dallas


DALLAS — El Centro College is looking to install nearly two dozen wind turbines to save money on electricity.

The college has been testing one 15-foot turbine (they call it the "energy ball") on the roof of their historic Sanger Brothers Complex in downtown Dallas.

"It comes in from the windmill in DC current," explained David Browning, El Centro's Vice President of Business. "Then it goes in the box that converts it back to AC."

The project has been gathering wind data and supplying some power to the campus, which is looking to expand the project. Instead of one turbine in the middle of the roof, Browning envisions rows of turbines.

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