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About Our Logo:

The Sustainability logo reflects the four foundations of our efforts at El Centro: Education, Environment, Engagement, and Economy. Each of these foundations provides a base for implementing sustainable concepts. In each of the triangles above, an example of sustainable practice is displayed. When all of these forces come together, they form an iconic symbol of sustainability and humanity. Cut out the above image and construct your own symbol of you willingness to participate in sustainability at El Centro.

Download the Sustainability 2010-11 Brochure (PDF)

Information List

  • Recycle
  • Reduce energy usage
  • Think before you print
  • Reduce water usage
  • Buy products made of renewable materials
  • Take public transportation
  • Buy local
  • Minimize use of toxic material
  • Combine trips and carpool

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In The News

El Centro looking to create wind farm in downtown Dallas


DALLAS — El Centro College is looking to install nearly two dozen wind turbines to save money on electricity.

The college has been testing one 15-foot turbine (they call it the "energy ball") on the roof of their historic Sanger Brothers Complex in downtown Dallas.

"It comes in from the windmill in DC current," explained David Browning, El Centro's Vice President of Business. "Then it goes in the box that converts it back to AC."

The project has been gathering wind data and supplying some power to the campus, which is looking to expand the project. Instead of one turbine in the middle of the roof, Browning envisions rows of turbines.

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