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Transfer Scholarships

What Exactly Is a Transfer Scholarship?

After you earn an associate degree or certificate from a college of DCCCD or complete the Core Curriculum, you may decide to attend a four-year college or university. Rising Star Program transfer scholarships are our way of assisting you in your new endeavor.

The Rising Star Program has worked with local universities to enable students to continue their success beyond the colleges of DCCCD. Transfer scholarships allow our students to apply for and potentially obtain funding without competing against an entire incoming college class. Rising Star Program transfer scholarships are limited to applicants who initially come through the Rising Star Program.

Where Can I Go?

Texas Woman's University offers a scholarship for current Rising Star students planning to transfer to TWU after completion of the DCCCD core curriculum.

Other Transfer Agreements

The colleges of DCCCD have established transfer agreements (also known as articulation agreements) with a variety of colleges and universities. For a full listing as well as more detailed information on the transfer process, please visit the Transfer Services website.