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Job Search Tools and Skills

Preparing for the Interview

Tools for your job search are provided individually which help you to: prepare your resume, network and find the hidden job market, dress appropriately, and interview like a pro.
  • Resume
    • Bring your resume to the Career Services for critiquing. Whether you are a first time writer or have tried several times before, we can help.
      • First Time Resume Writing
      • Resume Writing Especially for Graduates
  • Networking
    • Find the "hidden job market."
  • Interview Like a Pro
    • Learn the techniques that will land you that perfect Job at one of our workshops. Practice those techniques with our mock interviews.
  • Dress to Impress
    • Learn what the Pros wear to interviews.

Come to: Room A-071

Online Resources

  • - CareerBliss provides company reviews and ratings, salary info and jobs.