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Co-Op Forms
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Co-Op Form Instructions:

Note: You will need Adobe Reader to complete these forms.
  • Go to your computer.
  • Make sure you are connected to the Internet.
  • Open your usual web browser.
  • Click on one of the forms linked below.
  • You will soon see the form appear on your screen. This might take a few moments.
  • Click on any line in order to type in information.
  • Tip: you can go to the next line instantly by hitting the Tab key.
  • Fill out the entire form. Double check to make sure all of the fields have been completed.
  • Click the PRINT BUTTON, and make sure the PAGE SCALING is set to "Fit to paper".
  • Click OK to print the form, and you're done!

Student Application Form

This form needs to be completed and turned into the instructor by the end of the second class meeting.

Training Station Agreement

This form needs to be completed and turned into instructor by the 12th class day. This form must be signed by work supervisor and student before submitting it to instructor. If the Training Station is not completed and turned into instructor by the 12th class day, instructor is required to drop the student from the course.

Fourth Week Requirements:
  • The Learning Objectives Form A must be approved by the supervisor, student, and instructor by the end of the fourth week.
  • After approval of objectives by student, supervisor and instuctor, the objectives need to be put on Form B and signed where indicated (BEGINNING OF THE SEMESTER).
  • Form B must be submitted to instructor by the end of the FOURTH WEEK of the semester.
End of Semester Requirement:
  • Evaluation will include acquiring signatures from supervisor, student and instructor on Form B.
  • he signatures at the bottom of FORM B are reserved to indicate the course completion (at the END OF THE SEMESTER).
  • For Form C, student and supervisor signatures are required.
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