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Why Should You Get Involved?

Being involved is the best way to connect to the college community, to make new friends, to have fun, and to extend your education beyond what you learn in the classroom. Research has shown that if students are involved in at least one activity on campus, they are much more likely to have overall success and to graduate. So join the El Centro community, volunteer in the community, or join one of our 30 + plus student organizations on campus!
Mission Statement/Purpose: Coming soon
Advisor: Una Gordon
Advisor Contact info: 972-860-5041 /
Mission Statement/Purpose: To promote better understanding of Asian cultures and spark interest in other societies and languages through anime and manga, as well as to facilitate the socialization of students with a shared interest in all aspects of Japanese culture, including Japanese art, music, comics, video games and/or other various forms of Japanese expression and entertainment.
Advisor:  Dean Armstrong & Peter Brown
Advisor Contact info: 214-860-2254 / & 214-860-2345 /
Mission Statement/Purpose: To serve as a forum for fostering the education and professional development of students enrolled in the Interior Design program, as well as to provide experiences that develop the skills related to the many facets and areas of expertise in the design industry.
Advisor: Risë Talbot
Advisor Contact info: 214-860-2697 /
Mission Statement/Purpose: To create a community of passionate and inquisitive individuals who meet weekly to discuss and reflect on a variety of philosophic topics relevant to our studies, our ideas, and our lives, using philosophy as a foundation for our inquiry. We also aim to facilitate a safe open discussion of philosophy, ethics and religion between students from diverse backgrounds, and encourage and promote critical thinking and intellectual dialogue. Through sharing our ideas and fostering relationships based on a mutual passion for learning, we hope to achieve individual and collective excellence.
Advisor: Mark Thames
Advisor Contact info: 214-860-2697/
Mission Statement/Purpose: To promote the field of biology to the students of the El Centro Campus, provide members the opportunity to learn more about biology on and off campus and offer experiences that lead to a greater appreciation of biological concepts and professions in biological fields. As well as serve the college community by hosting events to promote the application of biology in the real world.
Advisor: Rebekkah Watson
Advisor Contact info: 214-860-2743/
Mission Statement/Purpose: To serve the entire community of El Centro College and satellite campuses by promoting an interest in Mentoring and collective work and responsibility. Members and visitors shall at all times uphold the good name and reputation of the DCCCD, ECC and the BTB (Brother to Brother).  Its primary purpose is to provide a social atmosphere in which individual students and faculty members can develop mentoring relationships and be pushed toward increasing graduation rates, development of marketable skills, and a commitment to excellence.
Advisor: Russell Haynes
Advisor Contact info: 214-860-2659/
Mission Statement/Purpose: To create a support system for the students via mentors and professional organizations and act as ambassadors for the BOSS program. We also aim to create opportunities for students to make a difference in the college and professional life.
Advisor: Olivia Kerr
Advisor Contact info: 214-860-2280/
Mission Statement/Purpose:
Advisor: Michael Higgins
Advisor Contact info: 214-860-2472/
Mission Statement/Purpose: The purpose of the ECC Chess Club is to promote an interest in Chess among the student body at El Centro College. The organization is committed to helping students learn new critical thinking skills, competitive strategies and good sportsmanship
Advisor: David Barrientos & Dale Pearson
Advisor Contact info: 214-860-2005/ & 214-860-2327/
Mission Statement/Purpose: To serve as a forum for students enrolled in STEM disciplines, especially in chemistry, for developing and improving existing mathematical operations applied to chemical sciences, including introductory-, allied health-, general-, organic-, and biochemistry. As well as foster the continued interest in chemistry and all STEM disciplines, and provide members with an opportunity to become prompt and fluent in chemical calculations, to improve their critical thinking, oral and written communication, and to develop the skills and feeling of importance of a team work.
Advisor: Jozef Borvak
Advisor Contact info: 214-860-2186 /
Mission Statement/Purpose: The purpose of the ECC CEC is to promote an interest in chemistry and engineering through engaging projects, field trips, problem solving, and critical thinking.
Advisor: Victor Agbasi
Advisor Contact info: 214-860-2382/
Mission Statement/Purpose: To represent the interests and concerns of black students at El Centro College, bring together all aspects of black student life for the purpose of improving the Campus environment, providing support for the students and the community. Establish and promote interaction and good relationships among ourselves and among all El Centro College students by encouraging pluralism on the part of the faculty administration, and the student body at large, and discourage and abate institutional and individual acts and symbols of racism. As well as heighten political, social, and cultural awareness and friendship between all people, regardless of race, sex, religion, or national origins, help students develop sound leadership skills. We welcome anyone committed to or interested in our mission regardless of race, religion, sex or nationality, moreover, we promote the El Centro College spirit of excellence and prestige
Advisor: Florine Humble & Michael Higgins
Advisor Contact info: 214-860-2057/ & 214-860-2472
Mission Statement/Purpose: To prepare emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management
Advisor: Levarn Reed & Ramona Williams
Advisor Contact info: 214-860-2134/ & 214-860-2367/
Mission Statement/Purpose: Provide an organization that promotes, enhances and nurtures student life within the Food and Hospitality program, promote the Food and Hospitality program and its students, and provide social and professional networking to students aspiring to enhance their food and hospitality careers. As well as provide members with an opportunity to interact with local chefs through job opportunities, on-call kitchen help source and maintain program alumni association and serve the college and external community through participation in college and community events.
Advisor: Bill Hodges & Swee Goh
Advisor Contact info: 214-860-2716/ & 214-860-2203/
Mission Statement/Purpose: Provide a network of information through speakers and activities to empower students to use conflict resolution skills to resolve differences both personally and professionally moving forward towards global peace making skills.
Advisor: Adam McGough & Patricia Reyes
Advisor Contact info: 214-860-2393/ & 214-860-2393/
Mission Statement/Purpose: The primary purpose of ECDC is to promote better understanding of live theatre and performance arts. In addition, ECDC is to facilitate the socialization of students with shared interest in all aspects of theatre, including acting, directing, music, lighting, set design, and/or other forms of theatrical involvement and entertainment.
Advisor: Dean Armstrong & Peter Brown
Advisor Contact info: 214-860-2254/ & 214-860-2345/
Mission Statement/Purpose:  The purpose, goals, focus, and scope of Club E.C.H.O are to serve as a forum for enhancing cooperation of professional advisors and philanthropy, promote a better understanding of cardiac imaging and diagnostic sonography in the general population. As well as foster the development of camaraderie and promote morale, and provide educational tools to the students of the cardiovascular program through fundraising and provide members with an opportunity to promote their profession as a cardiac sonographer.
Advisor: Catherine Carolan & Liberty Cowden
Advisor Contact info: 972-860-5052/ & 972-860-5054/
Mission Statement/Purpose: The primary purpose of the Environmental Club is to promote alternatives to better El Centro
Advisor: Maggie Lopez & Beth Salle
Advisor Contact info: 214-860-2015/
Mission Statement/Purpose:
Advisor: Lea Davis
Advisor Contact info: 214-860-2204/
Advisor: Shawn Jackson
Advisor Contact info: 214-860-2202/
Mission Statement/Purpose: Develop and create the skills and abilities required for meeting the ever changing needs of the fashion industry. Advance the interest and welfare of the students preparing a career in fashion.
Advisor: Michael Anthony
Advisor Contact info: 214-860-2350/ Email:
Advisor: Brenda Carlson
Advisor Contact info: 214-860-2344/
Advisor: Wade Hyde
Advisor Contact info: 214-860-2739/
Advisor: Marilyn Sullivan
Advisor Contact info: 214-860-2379/
Mission Statement/Purpose:
Advisor: Alexander Curran
Advisor Contact info: 214-860-2641/
Mission Statement/Purpose: Strengthen members relations with Christ and to promote spiritual growth, to sustain faith within college and to assist with relationship skills and protection.
Advisor: Ken Johnson
Advisor Contact info: 214-860-2111/
Advisor: Gilda Boersma
Advisor Contact info: 214-860-2121/
Mission Statement/Purpose:
Advisor: Alexis Clayton
Advisor Contact info: 214-860-2485/
Mission Statement/Purpose: To provide students with leadership skills and to enhance academic achievement
Advisor: Shanee’ Moore
Advisor Contact info: 214-860-2137/
Mission Statement/Purpose:
Advisor: Francisco Rodriguez
Advisor Contact info: 214-860-2638/
Advisor: Linda Savage
Advisor Contact info: 214-860-2006/
Mission Statement/Purpose: To work consistently in advocating equal opportunity for Hispanics in government, law, education, and business.
Advisor: Roberto Cruz
Advisor Contact info: 214-860-2451/
Advisor: Rufus Rodriguez
Advisor Contact info: 214-860-2134/
Mission Statement/Purpose: To encourage the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender student to come together and form a community within the college that supports the LGBT community.
Advisor: Michael Anthony
Advisor Contact info: 214-860-2350/
Advisor: Wade Hyde
Advisor Contact info: 214-860-2739/
Advisor: Gina Coffman
Advisor Contact info: 214-860-2660/
Advisor: Robin Fletcher
Advisor Contact info: 214-860-2238/
Mission Statement/Purpose:
Advisor: Raquel Tapia
Advisor Contact info: 972-860-5056/
Advisor: Marilyn Anderson
Advisor Contact info: 972-860-5022/
Mission Statement/Purpose: dedicated to the creation and discussion of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, winters, and literary criticism.
Advisor: Samantha Schulze
Advisor Contact info: 214-860-2092/
Mission Statement/Purpose: Is to promote and support the subject of mathematics and to provide a framework for individuals to organize and conduct activities related to mathematics.
Advisor: Mike Panahi
Advisor Contact info: 214-860-2395/
Mission Statement/Purpose:
Advisor: Sanders Alexander
Advisor Contact info: 972-860-5048/
Advisor: Charles Senteio
Advisor Contact info: 972-860-2266/
Mission Statement/Purpose: To promote professional development of Medical Laboratory Science and to enhance an interest in recruiting of potential new Medical Laboratory Science who have an interest in Medical Laboratory Science careers.
Advisor: Kiran Kaur
Advisor Contact info: 214-860-2320/
Advisor: John Wentz
Advisor Contact info: 214-860-2372/
Mission Statement/Purpose: To promote Scholarship, enjoyment and understanding of mathematics among community college students.   
Advisor: Cassandra Bowell
Advisor Contact info: 214-860-2366/
Mission Statement/Purpose: To promote awareness, gain perspective and encourage understanding of various cultures by enabling social integration through community service and extra- curricular activities.  
Advisor: Robert Reyes
Advisor Contact info: 214-860-2664/
Advisor: Joseph Davila
Advisor Contact info: 214-860-2477/
Mission Statement/Purpose: To enhance the education of present and future sonography students, and to provide moral support and a problem solving forum for individual members.
Advisor: Lynn Schluns
Advisor Contact info: 972-860-5053/
Advisor: Pamela Crawford
Advisor Contact info: 972-860-5055/
Mission Statement/Purpose: Provide Paralegal students with an opportunity to engage with fellow students and members of the Paralegal profession and encourage student involvement within the institution and paralegal association.
Advisor: Christy Madden
Advisor Contact info: 214-860-2319/
Mission Statement/Purpose: To recognize and encourage academic achievements of two year college students.  
Advisor: Karen Stills Royster
Advisor Contact info: 214-860-2033/
Advisor: Sandra Williams
Advisor Contact info: 214-860-2602/
Advisor: Adrienne Steverson
Advisor Contact info: 972-860-5000/
Mission Statement/ Purpose: To provide a social environment in which students are provided relevant information to connect them with psychology faculty at El Centro College.
Contact person:  Melissa Weston David Goomas
Mission Statement/ Purpose: Promote the Radiologic Technology profession, develop leadership skills, engage in professional development activities related to radiologic technology, participate in community services, and to raise funds to enable the organizations members to pay for activities, licensing, ceremonies and etc.  
Contact person:  Raquel Tapia  Marilyn Anderson Janeen Johnson
Mission Statement/ Purpose: To represent Rising Star students who have a desire to be more involved with their fellow program members and to promote socialization within the group, participation in Community Services Projects, Encouragement for continuing education, and mentoring newer students.
Contact person:  Jenny Hevel  Claudette Drake
Mission Statement/ Purpose: To Encourage students in college, promote leadership, know the importance of class completion and achieve student growth.
Contact person:  Kyndell Rollins
Mission Statement/ Purpose: To promote academic excellence at the chapter and national level and to encourage high academic achievement among school-aged children in our community. To engage university students, faculty, and staff as well as the surrounding community in meaningful, relevant service initiatives and raise awareness for worthwhile causes. To promote an understanding of the service model of leadership, to educate on the philosophy of leading through service, and to develop leaders who incorporate service into their lives.
Contact person:  Shanee’ Moore
Mission Statement/ Purpose: Empowering the development of academic and social advancement of female students.
Contact person: Maggie Lopez  Serina Davenport
Mission Statement/ Purpose: To promote the growth of all El Centro Clubs
Contact person:  Maggie Lopez
Mission Statement/ Purpose: Management organization and business case development for team competition,
Contact person:  Lea Davis  Shawn Jackson
Mission Statement/ Purpose: To enhance the education of present and future sonography students, as well as provide moral support and a problem solving forum for individual members.
Contact person:  Lynn Schluns  Pamela Crawford
Mission Statement/ Purpose:
Contact person: Juan Soto
Mission Statement/ Purpose: Provide a space for El Centro College students to express ideas through and thoughts through the medium of poetry and/or spoken word.
Contact person:  Vanessa Taylor
Mission Statement/ Purpose: To bring awareness of how STEM fields impact society. Provide peer mentoring/tutoring. Engage in community events.
Contact person:  Kristina Every   Myisha Coleman
Mission Statement/ Purpose: To uphold dignity, integrity, and sanctity of the student body.  
Contact person:  Shanee' Moore  Lalicia Johnson  Destiney Tolbert-
Mission Statement/ Purpose: Promote professional behaviors among student nurses. Encourage and support students during the nursing program.
Contact person:  Roberta Edson
Mission Statement/ Purpose:
Contact person:  Phillip Hoy  Jamie Gregory  
Mission Statement/ Purpose: Provide entertainment to nursing homes, shut-ins, school events, and public venues.
Contact person:  Jerry Jones
Mission Statement/ Purpose: For students in the visual arts. This club seeks to: Deepen awareness of local and regional art communities, explore and consider all forms of creativity.
Contact person: Omar Hernandez  Joshua Rose
Mission Statement/ Purpose:
Contact person:  Michael Higgins
Mission Statement/ Purpose: Club for women of West Campus and El Centro College. Creating a sisterhood of support and building college completers by giving personal and academic support.
Contact person: Kathy Acosta