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The Center opened in April 2013  and was established to assist students who are pursing El Centro Stem PBdegrees in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (excluding Health and Allied Programs).
MottoProvide Services to Students Pursing Degrees in the STEM Fields
MissionGuiding students towards successful college transfers and careers in the fields of Science, Technology,  Engineering, and Mathematics.



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Cristina Lawson, STEM Center Director
Coordinates the overall activities and resources of the STEM Center

LaKedra Smith, STEM Center Receptionist
Assists the STEM staff with projects and various other activities

Sammie Johnson, STEM Advisor
Assist Students who are new to college and have less than 24 credit hours.
Sammie helps students plan their educational goals.


Outreach And Internship Coordinator
Assist students by providing internship opportunities and coordinate outreach projects

How To Begin With STEM

The services provided by the STEM Student Success Center are for students attending El Centro College.
In order to use the services of the STEM Center, you must first be a student of El Centro College.

To find out how to get started at El Centro, please use the link listed below:


Once you have applied and decided that you would like to major in a STEM field (excluding the Health and Allied programs), your next step will be to contact the STEM Center at 214-860-2062 or e-mail us at STEMS2CElCentro@dcccd.edu so that your journey in STEM at El Centro can begin.

STEM Student Success Stories

        Robin DeFleice, Technology, STEM Intern

I took my first IT class in 2011 I started with a basic Microsoft Office class, and the next semester I took Web Design I.  I went onto complete an Introduction to Programming and Logic and Java Programming.   This spring semester 2013, I was enrolled in WordPress, Photoshop, Managing and Developing Websites and Flash I.

During one of my lab sessions I overheard a little bit about the Internship Program for IT students.  After getting prepared for interviews with Cristina Lawson, I got my first interview and got hired to work with a team of other STEM Intern students.  Our internship position, was to revise and manage the STEM website and make it user friendly.

I am honored to have been a part of the STEM Internship program, and it has inspired me to continue with my education. My success in this program goes to Ms. Adrienne Thompson,  Stem Center Coordinator, Ms. Cristina Lawson, Outreach Coordinator, Manasseh Lee, IT Instructor, Don Bittinger, IT Instructor, Bonnie Zhang, IT Instructor, and the students on the web management team.



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