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Choosing Health Careers

Healthcare is one of the fastest growing industries with the most in-demand occupations. Jobs in healthcare are projected to reach over 4 million by 2015. Each one of these occupations is important in providing health care in many different work settings, such as homes, hospitals, clinics, offices and laboratories. With such a wide variety of possibilities it may be difficult to choose the right health career for you. Fortunately, the Health Careers Resource Center (HCRC) and Virtual Career Network (VCN) has information and guidance about the different health profession careers.

Health Careers Resource Center (HCRC)

The HCRC is a service to the colleges in the district and all current and future students in the health careers programs. The center serves a clearinghouse of resources and information about health careers and what it means to work in the health industry in Texas. For more information on the numerous health career options visit:

Virtual Career Network (VCN) provides career exploration and training tools to help jobseekers prepare for a career in healthcare. The American Association of Community Colleges and its partners developed VCN through a grant from the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL). Serving as an online agent for jobseekers, VCN provides access to everything a person needs to prepare for a healthcare career. It allows users to set up a career management account and store career preferences and information. In addition, users can find national and local information about healthcare careers and see job listings in their area. VCN tools help users take control of their future, for more information please visit:

El Centro College's unique Health Occupations Core Curriculum courses serve an important role in many of our programs. These courses help undecided students choose the career just right for them. If you decide a career is not for you and wish to change programs or return for more education, you do not have to repeat these courses which are shared by many of our programs.

Different professions may emphasize different aspects of healthcare more than others. The careers may also be categorized this way and all are offered at El Centro College. For more information visit each program's web page:


Immunization Requirements

NEW  Medical Information and Immunizations are required of all applicants to be accepted into an El Centro College Health Profession Program.

Applicant Instructions Regarding Immunizations and Health Forms

For details about graduation rates, program costs and other important information, view the gainful employment disclosure.