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Convergence Logo El Centro College, located in downtown Dallas, is a partner in a National Science Foundation $2.5 million grant which was funded in August, 2004.

Goals included:
• Creating convergence degrees and certificates
• Providing professional development for faculty
• Recruiting underserved students
• Disseminating the program to mentored colleges

Convergence Center Partners include Collin County Community College, University of North Texas, El Centro College and mentored colleges in six states.

Convergence Technology is the blending or integration of voice, video, data and image into one flexible network. It brings together products and capabilities of multiple vendors to provide services to the customer without interoperability issues. Convergence technology is active in the enterprise business and in the smart home.

A three year renewal $1.5 million grant was funded in September, 2009. Work of the original grant will be extended by creating new initiatives which focus on “Green IT” and reducing dependencies on resources, developing online/hybrid methods for curriculum delivery, increasing access to and retention of Hispanic students, and broadening the dissemination of convergence degrees and certificates to an increased number of colleges among the country by scaling the Mentored College program.

A regional demand for convergence technicians has been confirmed through surveys conducted in 2005, 2006, and 2007. Survey respondents in 2007 indicated they hired 452 Convergence Technicians during the past year and anticipated hiring over 1400 Technicians with a two-year college education within the next five years. Salary estimates ranged from $30K to $60K. InterLink, a North Texas business consortium, has stated that Convergence Technology is a main growth area for the future.
Convergence Technology Technician
Required Skill Set
  • Operating Systems

  • Microsoft Windows, Linux, Unix (Sun Solaris)

  • Network Infrastructure

  • Cisco Systems, Nortel Systems

  • Wireless Network Infrastructure

  • Cisco Systems

  • Voice over IP Infrastructure

  • Cisco Systems, Nortel Systems, Samsung Systems
  • Security Design, Implementation, and Evaluation

  • Vendor Neutral, Cisco, Nortel, Microsoft, Linux/Unix

  • Integration of Technologies

  • Cisco, Nortel, Microsoft, Sun, Linux, Unix

  • Wide Area Network Technologies

  • ATM, Frame Relay, POTS, ISDN, xDSL, SONET

  • Home Technologies/SOHO Technologies

  • Audio/Video, Internet Access, File Storage & Backup
What are the Future Job Opportunities?
Home Technology Integrator
  • Independent or working for a company Installs and integrates communications systems and entertainment systems in the home, including:
    • DSL and Cable Modem
    • Wireless access WITH security
    • Home entertainment systems such as TIVO and others
    • Home management systems RFid?
  • Must have great communication skills

  • Likely the new entry level IT job!

  • Can’t be off-shored
Convergence Technician Working in a Large Company
  • Handles support for
    • Voice (including old telephony and Voice over IP)
    • Data (like regular computer networking)
    • Video and Image
  • Wired, wireless, different Qualities of Service

  • Must have good communication skill
Existing Available Certifications that Might Apply
Certification Route 1 Certification Route 1
Network Administration & Support AAS Convergence Technology Track Costs
Greater than or equal to 12 Months
Residency in Dallas County:
Tuition $3034.00
Books/ Supplies 2200.00
Estimated Cost $5234.00
Less than 12 months Residency
in Dallas County or Out of District:
Tuition $5624.00
Books/ Supplies 2200.00
Estimated Cost $7824.00
Tuition is subject to change based on Board of Trustees action.
Classes taken for credit can be applied toward the following:
See Class Schedule for offerings.
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