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Mediation and Conflict Resolutions Studies

What is Mediation and Conflict Resolution?
Conflict Resolution is a vibrant new profession that helps people engage in conflict in effective and constructive ways. Conflict specialists work with people in variety of settings from arbitration to advocacy. The most widespread form of Conflict Resolution is mediation. Mediation is a process of communication in which persons with a dispute, assisted by a mediator, attempt to reach an agreement, understanding, or reconciliation. What disputants like about mediation is that THEY are responsible for any agreement and the mediator may not impose personal judgments or solutions. They also like that it is a confidential and cooperative, problem-solving, and decision-making process. The mediator helps the disputing persons to identify disputed issues, clarify interests, and develop options. The focus of this process is on the disputants

Conflict Resolution Studies Program El Centro College provides training and education for people who are interested in helping others cope effectively with conflict. Most of our courses are taught for both Academic Credit (as sociology courses) and for Continuing Education Credit (CEU’s).

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