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Conflict Management
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The Center for Conflict Management
at El Centro College
701 Elm St., 6th Floor
Dallas, TX

Mission Statement:

Translating passion into practice: through Conflict Management skill development, increased self awareness, and professional training in order to serve a diverse community.

Program Director

Adam McGough  214-860- 2393  bmcgough@dcccd.edu

Adjunct Faculty

Eddie Burns  214-860- 2393  eburns@dcccd.edu
Cris Gilbert  214-860- 2393  cgilbert@dcccd.edu
Lisa Hancock  214-860-2393  lhancock@dcccd.edu
Patricia Reyes  214-860- 2393  preyes@dcccd.edu
Michelle Shughart  214-860- 2393  mshughart@dcccd.edu


CMDR 1300                        Workplace Dispute Resolution
CMDR 1303                        Counseling Theories and Skills
CMDR 1306                       Current Issues and Trends
CMDR 1309                       Introduction to Conflict Dynamics
CMDR 1312                       Introduction to Cross Culture Dispute Resolution
CMDR 1315                       Introduction to Divorce Mediation
CMDR 1318                       Introduction to Mediation
CMDR 1324                       Texas Family Code in Dispute Resolution
CMDR 1321                       Introduction to Negotiation
DRCM 2179                        Internship - Conflict Management
CMDR 2303                       Arbitration and Dispute Resolution
CMDR 2306                       Ethics for Conflict Management
CMDR 2353                       Advanced Negotiation
CMDR 2356                       Advanced Mediation
CMDR 2359                       Advanced Conflict Management
CMDR 2370                       Introduction to Law for Mediatiors
CMDR 2371                       Dispute Resolution System Design
CMDR 2372                       Dispute Resolution in Education
CMDR 2373                       Online Dispute Resolution
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