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Mission Statement: 
To advance the study of architecture as a science involving art, poetics and construction, by understanding history and encouraging intellectual curiosity, through drawing and construction.


(El Centro College Skyline High School Capstone Dual Credit Courses)

Adjunct Faculty

ARCH 1311   
Introduction to Architecture
3 credit hours
“The first act of architecture is to break the ground, the second is to raise structure vertically to the sky” -Semper

Architecture is a functional art. It is one of the highest art forms, combining theory, poetics of space, and the science of light and structure. Through sketches, notes, collages and brief narratives, the students will explain their understanding of the study of architecture as an art and a profession. Through historical events, analysis of buildings and landscapes, one will have an understanding and an appreciation of how the built world is experienced. 

Prerequisites: None
Times: MW 11:00-1:20pm
Location: Arts and Sciences, Bldg C

ARCH 2301
Architectural Freehand Drawing I
3 credit hours

This class will introduce drawing as a process and a representation by exploring basic architectural graphic techniques. The class will emphasize learning how to draw what one sees, in a variety of media. Students will be exposed to different ways of thought and drawing by looking at a wide range of architectural drawings.  We will begin with lines, continue with value and color and end with a rich body of multi-dimensional work reflecting learned experiences and imagination. Students need no prior drawing experience to attend class.

“I prefer drawing to talking. Drawing is faster and leaves less room for lies.” -Le Corbusier

Prerequisites: None
Times: TBD
Location: Arts and Sciences, Bldg C