Are you good with numbers? Do you have an organized mind that’s good with details? Do you want to improve your ability to work with figures, think critically and make informed decisions, whatever your career path? Are you looking for a job that will always be in demand?

Forget about stereotypes you may have about number crunchers with one-task jobs. Today’s hottest accounting job may require someone who is part accountant, part tax whiz and part financial analyst — and all up-to-date on the software applications to accomplish it.

Accounting principles and practices — and the analytical, communication and computer skills that accompany them — are critical in today’s competitive business environment. Even though it may seem to be highly structured, think outside the box: accounting affects virtually every business field and type, whether you’re an entrepreneur, CEO or everyday worker looking for a better financial future.

Small to large businesses, government agencies, nonprofits, educational institutions — all need trained accounting personnel to make sure that financial transactions are handled properly and accurate records are kept. Workers entering this challenging profession may analyze financial records, manage budgets, perform cost analysis, evaluate taxes and more.

Check out a career in accounting today!

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