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Anniversary Celebration

Five-Year Award
(Hired 9/1/08 - 8/31/09)
Kathaleen Acosta Outreach & Recruitment  
Juan Alvarez College Computing
Daniel Barnard Counseling
Anita Bedford Continuing & Workforce Education
Mary Benson Continuing & Workforce Education
Lauri Boudreau Campus Police
Jacqueline Bradley Communications/Math/Developmental Studies/Teacher Preparation
Mari Buchanan Rising Star
Brenda Carlson Arts & Sciences
Jaclyn Cobb Lassiter Early College High School
Tex Cody Facilities Services
Judith Collins Small Business Development Center
Wayne Conrad Communications/Math/Developmental Studies/Teacher Preparation
John Cothran College Computing 
Nancy Fields Arts & Sciences
Elizabeth Flash Counseling
Margaret Ford Health & Legal Studies
Mandi Gilligan Business/Public Service/Information Technology
Rene Gonzalez Lassiter Early College High School
Robin Graham Arts & Sciences
Russell Haynes Business/Public Service/Information Technology
Jon Hickerson Communications/Math/Developmental Studies/Teacher Preparation
Michael Johnson Facilities Services
Sammie Johnson STEM Center
Myrna Jones Communications/Math/Developmental Studies/Teacher Preparation
Kim King Continuing & Workforce Education
Bobby Kores College Police
Eric Markinson Lassiter Early College High School
Yvette McCoy Health & Legal Studies
Barbara Morgan Continuing & Workforce Education
Kaja Mutombo Testing Center
Luis Palomo College Computing 
Mehrdad Panahi Communications/Math/Developmental Studies/Teacher Preparation
Levarn Reed College Police
Roberto Reyes Multicultural Center
Stephen Rorai College Computing 
Nataly Saucedo-Aleman College Transition Center  
Ett Sayarath College Computing 
Ursula Session Health & Legal Studies
Paul Shaver Arts & Sciences
James Smith Arts & Sciences
Willie Stewart Facilities Services
Joyce Swegle Arts & Sciences
Miranda Taylor Admissions
Nancy Tello Admissions  
Sheryl Turner Health & Legal Studies
Ryan Walther Health & Legal Studies
Donna Watts Small Business Development Center  
Karen Wear Communications/Math/Developmental Studies/Teacher Preparation
Gilbert Whavers Business Incubation Center
Baojie Zhang Business/Public Service/Information Technology
Ten-Year Award
(Hired 9/1/03 – 8/31/04)
Sandra Aguirre College Computing
Charles Barnes Continuing & Workforce Education
Donald Brazil College Police
Dianna Drury Health & Legal Studies
Henry Garcia Career Services
Cindy Hernandez Library
Edmundo Hernandez Arts & Sciences
Donna Hill Testing Center
Michael Holmes College Police
Florine Humble Facilities Services
Michael Johnson College Computing
Delores Key Arts & Sciences
Arlethia Middleton Continuing & Workforce Education
Thomas Murray Continuing & Workforce Education
Lisa Rattan Health & Legal Studies
Karin Reed Counseling
Errol Russel College Police
Ryan Scott Marketing & Communications
Leslie Shelby Continuing & Workforce Education
Josy Thomas Library
Melinda Zeares Lassiter Early College High School
Fifteen Year Award
(Hired 9/1/98 – 8/31/99)
Frances Farley Continuing & Workforce Education
Teresa Isbell Planning/Research/Institutional Effectiveness
Kanora Jackson Health & Legal Studies
Ronnie Johnson Testing Center
Mwauna Maxwell Communications/Math/Developmental Studies/Teacher Preparation
Charles Waldrop Small Business Development Center
Eddie Walker Marketing & Communications
Joan Washington Continuing & Workforce Education
William Weddle Small Business Development Center
Joe Etta Williams Continuing & Workforce Education
Twenty Year Award
(Hired 9/1/93 – 8/31/94)
George Laffoon Continuing & Workforce Education
Janice MacDonald Business/Public Service/Information Technology
Janet McClanahan Arts & Sciences
Kyndell Rollins Facilities Services
Mary Smith Counseling
Twenty- Five Year Award
(Hired 9/1/88 – 8/31/89)
Verna James Curriculum & Assessment
Margarette Jones-Davis Library
Gary Peschka Health & Legal Studies
Helen Pharr Academic Affairs
Beth Sonnier Business/Public Service/Information Technology
Thirty Year Award
(Hired 9/1/83 – 8/31/84)
Velma Allen Counseling
Linda Baker Library
Juanita Marquez Business/Public Service/Information Technology
Thirty-Five Year Award
(Hired 9/1/78 – 8/31/79)
Norman Seaton Business/Public Service/Information Technology
Marilyn Sullivan Business/Public Service/Information Technology
Forty-Five Year Award
(Hired 9/1/67 – 8/31/68)
Diana Reding  Health and Legal Studies 

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