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Core2014 Listening Exchange

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Monday October 29, 2012


12:00 pm


All Campuses
Location: Performance Hall
Eddy Rawlinson, Interim Executive Dean of Arts and Sciences, will host the Listening Exchange.

The Listening Exchange is an opportunity for faculty who are not on the discipline committees, staff, and students to provide oral feedback on the draft plans submitted by the discipline committees. The listening exchanges are not to be used by the discipline committee to defend their draft plans, as attendees are expected to have read the draft plans before attending. To avoid paper waste, printed copies of the discipline plans will not be provided at the Listening Exchanges. To ensure that comments are informed and pertinent, those who wish to make oral comments at the Listening Exchanges should review the discipline draft plans in advance of the Listening Exchanges. Oral comments will be limited to three minutes per person.

These discipline draft compliance plans have been published to the web for review at:

Members of the DCCCD Core Curriculum Steering Team (CCST) will also be available at each Listening Exchange to answer questions and moderate the proceedings. Students, staff and faculty are invited and encouraged to attend.