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Dr Wright Lassiter Early College High School

What is ECHS?

Dr Wright Lassiter Early College is a high school where motivated students have the opportunity to take responsibility for their education and get a head start on college in a smaller setting than most traditional high schools.

ECHS is a Dallas ISD high school that collaborates with El Centro College as its higher education provider. It is one of the earliest high school – college transition programs in the country to be entirely housed on a college campus and share facilities with the college community.

ECHS (originally named Middle College) opened in September 1988 with the goal of providing students with a chance to complete as much as two years of college work through dual and concurrent credit classes before they complete high school. These students are motivated, academically capable young women and men who are willing to work to prepare themselves to start college classes in tenth grade.

In 1991 ECHS graduated its first students with college credits. All 2016 ECHS graduates finished high school with an average of 72 college hours. Fifty-five students in the class received their Associate’s degrees from El Centro College before they completed high school.

An ECHS school year is organized into four nine-week cycles. Students cover a semester’s material in each cycle and take the same Assessment of Course Performance final exams as students in other Dallas ISD high schools. ECHS students in college classes are expected to meet the same academic performance standards as El Centro College students in the same class.

ECHS high school classes meet every day between 12:00 P.M. and 5:00P.M. Students take three or four high school classes each nine-week cycle. Small classes offer opportunities for small-group and individualized instruction.
For details about graduation rates, program costs and other important information, view the gainful employment disclosure.