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Online Application & Requirements

Complete the DCCCD Admissions Application Online
  • New DCCCD students apply through https://www1.dcccd.edu/stuapp/newuser_hs.cfm (High School).
  • New Students to DCCCD should obtain a DCCCD ID Number after submitting the admissions application.  
  • DCCCD students who have taken courses within the last 12 months do NOT need to re-apply.
  • Previously enrolled DCCCD students who have not taken courses within the last 12 months must re-apply, obtain application number, and contact the Dual Credit Office with application number.       
Create eConnect Account using DCCCD ID Number  
Take TSI Assessment Exam (if necessary)
  • Student must complete Pre-assessment Activity in order to test.  In eConnect, click Current Student Menu.  Under Prepare to Register, select Pre-Assessment Video (without logging in). After viewing video, click the Continue to Assessment link below to complete the Activity.  Selecting this link will take student to eConnect login screen.  After logging in, student must certify s/he viewed the video, then complete the Pre-Assessment Quiz.  After completing quiz, click Submit.
  • To check PAA status, go to eConnect and click My Advising Report under Current Student Menu.
  • On Advising Report, students will see one of the following statuses under PAA:
    • Taken with date
    • Not taken
    • Not required (PAA could be waived or exempt)
  • Prospective Dual Credit Students receive 2 free TSI Assessment Exam attempts through the ECC Assessment Center (after completing required Pre-assessment Activity).
Complete Consent to Emergency Treatment Form (Minor Form)
  • Signed and dated by parent if student is under 18    
  • Signed and dated by student if over 18
Provide Proof of Meningitis Vaccination   (Only required if class is on ECC campus)  
Obtain Official High School Transcript                                                                                                           
  • Transcript should include TSI Eligible Test Scores and Record of Vaccination.

Complete Dual Credit Enrollment Form
  • List course(s) with section numbers, term of enrollment, and indicate Dual Credit or College Credit Only
  • Signed and dated by student and parent         
  • Signed and dated by High School Official

Turn in all documents to High School Dual Credit Counselor/Coordinator for review
  • All forms must be completed, signed and dated
Required Forms and more information can be found at:  http://www.elcentrocollege.edu/dual-credit