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Online Application & Requirements

Review the eligibility requirements for the programs with your school counselor. Your counselor will let you know which courses are designated as dual credit through your school.

New DCCCD students must apply here
  • Federal legislation related to the American Opportunity Tax Credit requires all colleges to report student social security numbers (All students should add their social security numbers to the application).
  • Students that do not have a social security number must print and complete this form.
DCCCD students who have taken courses within the last 12 months do NOT need to re-apply.

DCCCD previously enrolled students who have not taken courses within the last 12 months must re-apply, obtain application number,  then contact the Dual Credit Office. (New Students to DCCCD should obtain a DCCCD ID Number after completing the admissions application)

Online Application

Go to Admissions Application
  • DCCCD Admission Application for High School Students
  • Account Creation
  • Receive student Identification number
  • Complete Enrollment Form and Minor Student Form. Forms are located under FORMS


  • Complete Dual Credit Enrollment Form
    • Counselor lists classes and semester to be taken
    • Signed and dated by student
    • Signed and dated by parent or legal guardian
    • Signed and dated by High School Official
  • Complete Consent to Emergency Treatment Form (Minor Form)
    • Signed and dated by parent or legal guardian if student is under 18
    • Signed and dated by student if over 18
  • Obtain Official High School Transcript
    • Transcript should include Exit Level TAKS, STAAR, ACT, SAT, PRE SAT if previously complete
  • Take and pass the required test(s).
  • Complete Proof of Meningitis
  • Turn in Forms to High School Counselor/Coordinator for review
    • All forms must be completed, signed and dated by the student, parent and high school official.