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STEM Division

Employee NamePosition TitlePhone
Abderrahman, Sanan Coordinator/Faculty (Physics)214-860-2709
Agbasi, Victor Senior Lab Coordinator (Chemistry)214-860-2421
Allen, Benja Faculty (Biology)214-860-2394
Bittinger, Don Faculty214-860-2215
Borvak, Jozef Faculty (Chemistry)214-860-2186
Bowell, Cassandra DMAT/MATH214-860-2366
Butler, Charmelia Faculty214-860-2312
Cooper, Jennifer DMAT/MATH214-860-2130
Crow-McDowell, Valerie Faculty (Counselor)214-860-2692
Deng, Taihe Faculty (Chemistry/Coordinator)214-860-2643
Fields, Nancy Faculty (Geology/Environmental/Coordinator)214-860-2429
Furlough, Troy DMAT/MATH214-860-2316
Graham, Robin Faculty (Biology)214-860-2268
Kalka, Michael Faculty214-860-2602
Kaur, Karin Faculty (Science)214-860-2320
Mansour, Kambiz DMAT/MATH214-860-2251
Martinez, Melissa Faculty214-860-2706
McCauley, Steven Faculty (Geology)214-860-2398
Miraval-Albornoz, Belicia Faculty214-860-2371
Oppel, Marissa Instructional Associate (Biology/ SCIT)214-860-2383
Panahi, Mike DMAT/MATH214-860-2395
Patterson, Sebrina Administrative Assistant214-860-2688
Pearson, Dale DMAT/MATH214-860-2327
Perez-Micheal, Angela Coordinator DMAT/MATH214-860-2613
Perry, Thelwray Administrative Assistant II214-860-2219
Phan, Annie I.A./Math Lab214-860-2749
Porter, Jackie Faculty214-860-2377
Rodriquez, Francisco   SPFaculty214-860-2638
Rogers, Minnie Administrative Assistant II214-860-2247
Salle, Bethan  Faculty (Geology)214-860-2734
Samuel, John Faculty214-860-2221
Savage, Linda Academic Advisor II214-860-2006
Schubert-Logue, Christine Faculty214-860-2363
Seaton, Norman Faculty214-860-2352
Shaver, Paul Faculty (Physical Education)214-860-2445
Snavely, Samantha Faculty (Biology)214-860-2381
Spiegel, Hal Faculty214-860-2222
Stall, Beth  ADMExecutive Dean214-860-2374
Vicente, Jimmy DMAT/MATH214-860-2767
Villa, Veronica DMAT/MATH214-860-2489
Ward, Janet Faculty214-860-2739
Watson, Rebekkah  Faculty (Biology/SCIT)214-860-2743
Williams, Ramona Lab Mgr214-860-2367
Williams, Sandra Faculty214-860-2602
Wood, Mary Instructional Associate (IT)214-860-2293
ADM = College Administrator
SP = Speaks Spanish

Department Location

Phone Numbers

214-860-2392 (A546)
214-860-2688 (A430)
214-761-6300 (Wellness Center)
214-860-2382 (Chemistry Lab)
214-860-2689 (Fax)
214-860-2694 (Fax)