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Solutions Development

Employee NamePosition TitlePhone
Abebe, Rebka Program Dev. Specialist214-860-5802
Avery, Vanessa Coordinator, Continuing Education & Workforce214-860-5810
Bedford, Anita Coordinator CE Workforce Development214-860-5766
Benson, Mary Coordinator CE Workforce Development214-860-5731
Chitty, Elise Sr. Program Dev. Specialist214-860-5710
Cummings, Angelica Administrative Assistant II214-860-5883
Desko, Tammy  Sr. Project Mgr.214-860-5817
Garza, Judy Team Leader214-860-5722
Green, Melody Admin. Assistant II214-860-5811
Laffoon, George  ADMProject Manager - BJP214-860-5768
Piotrowski, Brandon Graphics Designer II214-860-5930
Thompson, Tasha Division Secretary214-860-5782
ADM = College Administrator

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214-860-5870 (Fax)

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