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Downtown Campus
Phone Numbers:
972-860-5016 (Fax)
Employee NamePosition TitlePhone
Akins, Sherry ECC 9th floorFaculty214-860-2288
Campbell, Cathy @NLCFaculty214-860-3086
Cason, Debra @UTSWProgram Director214-648-3131
Chatman, Blossie @NLCFaculty214-860-3214
Chaudhry, Rajni ECC 9th FloorFaculty214-860-2420
Donald-Stevenson, Adrienne @NLCFaculty214-860-3209
Flemming, SondraVice President, Academic Affairs972-860-2141
Glick, Sherry @NLCLab Coord214-860-3253
Gordon, Una @NLCRetention Specialist214-860-3933
Kaur, Kiran ECC 9th floorFaculty214-860-2320
Lindsay, Roxann ECC 9th FloorFaculty214-860-2130
Lock, Lisa ECC 9th floorProgram Director214-860-2304
Martin, MabronDirector, Allied Health214-860-5099
McPherson, LaCheetaExecutive Dean, Health Occupations & Legal Studies - PRMT/NLC972-860-5096
Melton, Patty @NLCFaculty214-860-3228
Meraz, Rebecca @NLCFaculty214-860-3212
Merritt, LindaFaculty214-860-2332
Neal, DianaFaculty214-860-2698
Reding, Diana @NLCFaculty214-860-3219
Reding, Sharon @NLCDivision Secretary214-860-3213
Trammell, Deborah @NLCFaculty214-860-3097
Tunnell, Charlotte @NLCFaculty214-860-3944
Turner, Sheryl @NLCFaculty214-860-3945
Urday, Iris @NLCLab.Director214-860-3237
Wentz, John ECC 9th FloorFaculty214-860-2372

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