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Health Careers

Employee NamePosition TitlePhone
Aaron-Brija, Lori Faculty972-860-5024
Alexandra, Sandra Prog. Dir. Medical Assist972-860-5048
Allen, Belinda Coord. Surg. Careers972-860-5047
Anderson, Marilyn Radiology972-860-5022
Becker, Joan Alaine MRI Coordinator972-860-5049
Berkowitz, Emily Faculty972-860-5032
Brown, Jesse Enrollment Services Generalist972-860-5004
Carolan, Cathy Cardiac Sono. Prog. Coordn./Faculty972-860-5052
Crawford, Pam Faculty/Clinical Coord.972-860-5055
Davis, Kim Faculty972-860-5089
De La Garza, Jennifer Clinical Coordinator and Faculty972-860-5072
Donaldson-Steverson, Adrienne Faculty972-860-5021
Drury, Dianna HLS Dual-Credit Coord./Faculty972-860-5039
Edson, Roberta Faculty972-860-5033
Elizardo, Jesse  Enrollment Services Generalist972-860-5007
Farley, Pam Senior Degree Audit Specialist972-860-5002
Forcum, Kimberly Faculty972-860-5041
Ford, Margaret Faculty972-860-5036
Galloway, Wende Faculty972-860-5031
Gray, Linda Faculty972-860-5027
Hiott, Kimberley Radiologic Sci. Prog. Coordn./Faculty972-860-5051
Holmes-Thomas, Stephanie Faculty972-860-5043
Hudson, Bridgette Faculty972-860-5082
Idicula, Chandi Coord. Resp. Care972-860-5070
Jackson, Kanora Senior Administrative Assistant972-860-5095
Johns, Carol Faculty972-860-5026
Johnson, Janeen Radiologic Sci. Clinical Coordn./Faculty972-860-5061
Leshi, Aisha Faculty972-860-5063
Lozoya, Gerardo Administrative Assistant II972-860-5096
Martin, Don  ADMDirector of Allied Health972-860-5099
Martin, Elizabeth Faculty972-860-5042
McCoy, Yvette Health Programs Compliance Coordinator972-860-5094
Melton, Patty Faculty 972-860-5035
Merritt, Linda  Faculty972-860-5030
Nelson, George Coord. Cardio Tech.972-860-5046
Pate, Cristina  Hlth Core Curr. Coord./Faculty972-860-5091
Pritchett, Kathy Faculty972-860-5029
Rattan, Lisa Application Integration972-860-5006
Schluns, Lynn Coord. Diag. Sonography972-860-5053
Session, Ursula Lab Coord972-860-5086
Smith, Ariel Secretary972-860-5001
Smith, Deborah Coord. Nursing/Faculty972-860-5025
Smith, Eric Lab Coord972-860-5075
Sweeny, Kristen Cardiac Sono. Clinical Coordn./Faculty 972-860-5054
Terry, Shawn Faculty 972-860-5071
Thomas, Jaquel  Enrollment Generalist972-860-5003
Trammel, Debi Faculty972-860-5023
Walls, Kim Administrative Assistant972-860-5093
Walther, Ryan Faculty972-860-5092
Warrick, Fran Retention Specialist972-860-5034
Wheat, Melinda CBE Faculty972-860-5050
Wood, Vicki Faculty Counselor972-860-5045
ADM = College Administrator

Department Location

Phone Numbers

972-860-5009 (Lab)
972-860-5008 (HESI)
972-860-5085 (Fax)