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Evening / Weekend Office

Employee NamePosition TitlePhone
Beasley, Rishum Department Assistant 214-860-2157
Harden, Brisbane Department Assistant 214-860-2157
Hatch, Alexis Department Assistant 214-860-2157
Hernandez, Claudia Department Assistant214-860-2157
Locke, Jessica Department Assistant214-860-2157
Martinez, Marco Continuing Education & Workforce Coordinator (Evening & Weekend Office)214-860-2287
Pollard, Jennie  ADMExecutive Dean, Corp. and Cont. Ed/Dir., BJP and Evening/Saturday Ofc.214-860-2715
214-860-5833 (BJP)
Rodriguez, Louis Department Assistant214-860-2157
Walker, Tamara  Department Assistant214-860-2157
Wiggins, James Department Assistant 214-860-2157
ADM = College Administrator

Department Location

Phone Numbers

214-860-2467 (Fax)